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We shall start by answering the question what is investment management. You can trade in the stock exchange by yourself, but you can also give the reins to people who specialize in this field and they are called investment managers or portfolio managers. These managers work in big or small investment houses, and based on the knowledge and experience that they acquired in this field they perform investments in the stock exchange for their clients. Since the clients deposit their money in the hands of those portfolio managers, it is important to choose a senior and professional investment house that authorizes its employees to do the maximum in order to maximize the yields of every client. In order to maximize the chances of reaching better yields as a result of trading properly in the stock exchange, it is very desirable to choose the investment house that offers a dynamic investment management- such a management that allows to easily transport your money from one course to the other.

Who is managing your investments?

In order to be sure that your money is in a safe place, it is better to submit the investments that need to be managed to portfolio managers that work in an investment house that is called in the professional language "an investment boutique". This is by all accounts an investment house, but what characterizes it is the special personal treatment that every client receives there. In such investment houses, professional and senior portfolio managers work nights as days in order to maximize the yields in their clients' investment portfolios. As aforesaid, the dynamic investment management is the best way to maximize the chances of success, and therefore in addition to the personal attitude, it is important to check if such dynamism is in fact possible.

The Investment House- The Proper Way to trade in the Stock Exchange

If you have you decided to start trading in the stock exchange, then there is no doubt that you are taking a big step that will have future ramifications on your lives. This is the reason why it is important to do things smartly from the beginning to the end, when the beginning is of course properly choosing the investment house. It is true, that today everybody can trade by himself in the stock exchange, however, if you took a few courses in the matter, and you didn't learn the basics of entering into this complicated world, then this will involve some considerable risks, which may cause you to lose a considerable amount of money. This is exactly the reason why it is recommended for whoever is interested in starting to trade in the stock exchange and he does not have the time to take courses in this area in order to calmly and cautiously trade, nor does he have the time to execute the trading by himself, to address an investment house that has the seniority and experience in the field, and to submit the reins to the hands of the professionals in the field.






The Keyword: The Right Choice

Today, there are a lot of people who are interested in taking the step and being active in the field that is called trading in the stock exchange. In Israel, many investment houses that were established like mushrooms after the rain supply portfolio management services and can create confusion and pondering on whether you made the right choice. If you are facing such a decision, then our first recommendation is that you choose an investment house that offers dynamic investment management. Sometimes you find out that one investment course doesn't generate the desired yield, and therefore it is important that there will be a simple and easy way to transfer the funds from place to place. It is important to choose an investment house that is also senior in the field, because the portfolio managers that it employees are usually already familiar with the tricks of trade, and they know how to perform the investments in an optimal way.
Beyond that, it is important to check the yields of that investment house in the recent years, because this can show you the amount of success of that investment house in the proper management of investments. Other parameters that are important to take into account are the amount of transparency that is customary at that investment house, the personal attitude and of course the management fees that that investment house charges for managing the portfolio. It of course is important to weigh all of those parameters together, and not to choose an investment house that offers low managerial commissions, but on the other hand it doesn't offer a dynamic management of investments, but a passive one, or a management that is sometimes based on mutual funds. Weighing all of the parameters correctly will assist you in the choice and it will let you know that your money is in good hands.

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