Investment Management that is especially suited to you

Quantum Capital Markets offers you management services from the best of the specialists in order to present to you investment solutions that are specially suited to your needs.

Who are we

The company Quantum Capital Markets was established in 2009 and it deals in financial advisement and portfolio management for private clients and for companies. The company provides to its clients financial advisement and portfolio management in different and diversified courses. The company employs team members that have a vast experience and knowledge in financial markets, whom are managers with an academic education and who are licensed by the Israel Security Authority to manage portfolios.

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Why Quantum?

Managing Portfolios in Different Models

We offer portfolio management in models that are different from the traditional courses that are offered by most of the investment houses while combining them together with creativity in a variety of financial products, thinking "outside of the box" and diversified investment models from the field of financial engineering that were developed by the company and can be fully or partially combined in the portfolio management.

Low Commisions

Quantum offers cooperation with banks and brokers in Israel and abroad that shall decrease for you the trading costs to the minimum possible. We offer commission that are amongst the lowest in the world in every variety of financial products together with the possibility to provide to you financial advisement services that shall help you improve the results in your personal portfolio throughout the time.

An Experienced Team

The team is highly experienced in financial markets both in Israel and abroad, and it includes technological people with an orientation to the capital market. The portfolio managers in the company hold a portfolio management license from the Israel Security Authority and they have a vast academic education in the field of economy.

Portfolio Management in Quantum

Quantum Capital Markets manages its clients' investment portfolios via three main investment models:

Portfolio Management Abroad

The investment model is built in order to provide an answer to the client who is interested in aspiring to a yield that is appropriate to his ..investment while minimizing the risks that are involved in annually reaching the aforesaid goal, and while waiving in advance the possibility for  Continue reading

Treditional Investment Module

This model refers to the management of investment portfolios in a variety of financial devices that the main ones amongst them are shares and   bonds in different mixtures; the portfolios are divided in portions of 90/10, 80/20 and etc., when usually the larger part is invested in  Continue reading  

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